Most of my previous work was as a ghostwriter. I’ve just recently begun publishing under my own name.

In addition to my fiction writing (currently working on two “cozy” mysteries, and a collection of short stories), I was a staff writer and editor for a start-up that attempted to highlight small and medium sized businesses that are doing good things with environmental sustainability and/or social responsibility.

Although I did much editing while working with them, here is a quick list of the business profiles and blog posts I wrote. If you need a writing sample prior to hiring me, feel free to request any of the following articles.

The Pies Have It: San Francisco’s Mission Pie, co-owned by Karen Heisler and Krystin Rubin, uses exactly the same winning formula as my pie-wizard grandmother, while having a great social impact.

A Tale of Two Sushis: Owned and operated by Chef Tyson Cole, Uchi and Uchiko are favorites here in my hometown of Austin, TX.

Cool Beans: Austin’s own Third Coast Coffee Roasting Company. Awesome.

Hop To It: Hopdoddy Burger Bar brings Austinites like me the best in burgers and beer.

A Cafe Crafted Community: Bouldin Creek Cafe started as a small, Austin coffeeshop. But it’s become so much more.

Fair Trade and Traffic Stops: Stephanie King’s Fair Trade Designs offers beautiful fair trade jewelry with a mission to end human trafficking.

Do Your Feet Feel Good? 27 year old Kyle Berner went from backpacker to CEO. All because of a fashion failure.

How to Grow Culinary Herbs Indoors: Those of us who both garden and cook need a little fix during the long, often dreary, winter months. Growing culinary herbs indoors can provide it.

Super Bowl Party Cocktail Recipes: I know, I know. Most people think of beer as the quintessential football beverage. But try to keep an open mind, and let’s mix it up a little.

Vegetarian Super Bowl Party Recipes: Cheese Straws: Today’s recipe is perfect for using those excellent local cheeses. I usually use either extra-sharp cheddar, or a good gruyere-style Swiss. Either will work beautifully, and pair well with local artisan beers.

Vegetarian Super Bowl Party Recipes: Chickpeas Times Two: Chickpeas, garbanzo beans, ceci beans. Whatever you call them, they are super delicious, nutrient powerhouses.

Vegetarian Super Bowl Party Recipes: Corn and Black Bean Dip: Today’s recipe for a warm, chunky, dip provides a delicious difference, far superior to grocery store salsa. Its familiar flavors and textures are a welcome addition to the appetizers at any Super Bowl party.

Vegetarian Super Bowl Party Recipes: Taco Bites: As a vegetarian, one of the best ways to make sure there is something you can eat at a Texas Super Bowl party, is to take something you made yourself.

Home Eco: Eco Simplista offers an environmentally conscious alternative over the typical home improvement store.

Tips for Planning Your Organic Garden: Winter may still have North American in its icy grip, but now is the perfect time to start planning an organic vegetable garden.

Goods that Do Good: Now anyone can do good just by buying good stuff. DoGoodBuyUs

Easy Butternut Squash Soufflé Recipe: Today’s recipe features that old reliable, butternut squash, prepared in a more interesting way than just pureed and presented alongside a roast turkey.

LSTN Up!: LSTN Headphones wants everyone to be able to enjoy the soundtrack of their own lives.

Sweet Potato Pea Curry: Local AND seasonal is the winning combination needed to lower your personal carbon footprint through your food. And this recipe just tastes great!

Southwest Corn & Black Bean Soup: Wherein I tackle the question: are dried or canned beans more sustainable? Oh, and also provide a great winter soup recipe.

Peace in a Pod: So you’ve put months into planning an event — renting a venue, lining up speakers, arranging catering, configuring technology, producing marketing materials — and at the very last minute, things fall apart because one crucial piece of paper goes missing. You end up wasting time, and energy, and worry, trying to remember the details, or find the receipt that undoubtedly ended up in the wastebasket.

The people behind online event management app feel your pain, and they can soothe it.

We love Sainsbury’s Triple Zero grocery stores: In October 2011, publicly traded United Kingdom grocery chain Sainsbury’s released a far-reaching sustainability plan they dubbed “20×20.” The plan outlined twenty goals they intended to reach by the year 2020. As Sainsbury’s put it, it was “a new cornerstone of our business strategy designed to accelerate our commitment to social and environmental responsibility.”

The A&E Channel of Goodness: Whether you need a caffeine fix while driving the Everett Turnpike, or a little help waking up before you hit the Ponemah Bog Wildlife Sanctuary for some early morning bird watching, A&E Coffee Roastery Café has what you crave, served up sustainably.

Toffee Mate: Take one lovingly crafted almond toffee recipe, add a healthy dollop of community spirit, stir together with a fourth generation family business, and you have Enstrom Candies of Grand Junction, Colorado.